How to Build a Strong Brand

Learn how to develop a brand strategy and how a strong brand identity can increase the value of your business

About this Event

Registration: 9:00 am (if you haven’t registered on BGP yet)

Start Time: 9:30 am

Your brand is the compelling reason why a customer buys your products or services. Understanding how to build a strong brand and how to add value to that brand will help your business remain sustainable and grow.

Why are brands important? A brand is arguably the most value asset a business has. Some brands are valued at incredible sums of money. Brands enable businesses to charge premium prices and increase market share.

A thoughtful brand strategy will give your business unique value and enable you to differentiate yourself more effectively from your competition.

The Apple brand is thought to be worth $200 billion, a fifth of the company’s total worth. Not many businesses will get close to the dizzy heights of Apple. We can however use the same brand principles to strengthen and increase the value of our own brands.

This is an interactive workshop. You will be given the tools, processes, time and guidance to focus on your own business. You will need your business cards for one of the exercises so please bring plenty along with you if you have some.

Introduction to Workshop Delivery Partner

The workshop will be delivered by Cynara Livera of Clearly, Simply, Truly Marketing Management; a marketing strategist and planner. Cynara began her career as a post graduate chemist and strongly believes that marketing is more a science than a black art. New product development highlighted the importance of market driven, not technology led, product and service development. From there her role became more customer focused as she moved into marketing research and ultimately full-service marketing management. Cynara practises evidence-based marketing and takes a systematic, pragmatic approach to customer engagement.


These workshops are for beneficiaries of the Cheshire & Warrington Business Growth Programme which provides 12 hours of fully-funded support through our workshops – if you are not yet registered on the programme you can still register for a workshop ticket and you will be contacted by our team to check your eligibility. For any queries please email or call 01244 512 655. Please also contact us if the event is fully-booked and you’d like to be added to the waitlist.

To be eligible to apply for support from the ERDF-funded Cheshire & Warrington Business Growth Programme you must be:

  • Small – your new business must be an SME. An SME has under 250 staff, turnover of £45 million and any ownership by a wider commercial group is below 25%. You may also be a pre-start business.
  • Local – your business address (registered or trading) is within the Cheshire East, the Cheshire West and Chester, or the Warrington council areas.

Do I need to bring or prepare anything for the workshop?

All you need to bring is yourself, a pen, notebook and a willingness to learn. We will ask for some details about your business upon registration to the workshop – this will help us in tailoring content to your needs.


Light refreshments (tea, coffee, water, biscuits) will be provided throughout the workshop.


More information will be provided near to the date of the workshop

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