Solving your stumbling blocks: Q&A for small businesses

by | Jun 26, 2020

Date – From July 15, 2020 to September 09, 2020
Start Time – 10:00 am
End Time – 11:00 am
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Venue – Online Webinar Session

Date –

15 July 2020

29 July 2020

12 August 2020

26 August 2020

9 September 2020

Start Time – 10:00 am

End Time – 11:00 am


​​About This Event

How do I close a business meeting effectively?’ ‘Can I use social media to launch a product? How?

From new technology to the confidence to pick up the phone, when you run a small business there tend to be many little stumbling blocks each day.

And, sometimes, you can become stuck trying to solve those stumbles, going around in circles.

Fortnightly Q&A sessions

To help you tackle those little blocks and move onto the bigger tasks on your to-do list, we’re hosting fortnightly question and answer sessions.

It’s a chance for you to pose a question to our team, and for our team to suggest ways to move forwards.

These sessions are part of the workshops we run as part of the Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme but they’re open to all small business owners.

We know that new sources of income need new practical processes. New business models need new management methods. And changing the way your company operates could mean a major restructure. Failing to think about these factors at the start of your journey can lead to difficulties further down the line. From our work with businesses, one of the main barriers to innovation is a failure to grasp the phased structure of:

  • Scoping the project
  • Reading the market for opportunity
  • Ideating to solve problems
  • Prototyping and market testing
  • Launching to a receptive market
  • Managing the project effectively through each of these stages

Exploring what your business could look like, sharing experiences with fellow business owners, and learning how others have navigated their journey can help you on your own path to innovation.

How these Sessions Work

How the sessions work

Submit your stumbling block via the Eventbrite registration form. (There’s a field for you to fill in. Please give us as much information as you can.)

We’ll pick two points to cover at each live session. (We’ll be in touch if we choose your challenge)

At the live session, you’ll have five minutes to tell us your challenge. Then, we’ll spend 20 minutes unpicking it for you.

Prefer to listen rather than take part?

We know some of you won’t want to be on camera for these live sessions. However, we think the stumbling blocks we discuss will be really helpful for many small business owners.

If you’d like to attend as a guest, just tick the box on the Eventbrite registration form. We’ll send you a link so that you can join us on the day. (We’re also recording the sessions, so you can catch-up if you can’t make the date.)

Introduction to Workshop Delivery Partner

Introduction to Workshop Delivery Partner

These fortnightly sessions are hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University’s Centre for Enterprise.

They’re open to all small business owners, you don’t need to be part of the programme to take part.


To register for this session please visit our Eventbrite page


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